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04-Feb-2018 22:48

Healthcare and VR Dearsley, who will be speaking at the upcoming ARVR Innovate conference in Dublin at the end of the month, said that while the two industries will be the main drivers of consumer interaction with VR tech, other sectors such as healthcare stand to benefit as well.“In terms of phobias, people who are afraid of flying can be put into a VR environment that takes them away from the thought that they are on a plane,” he said.Started in 2008, their “Project Reynard” is specifically geared towards uncovering recruiting and training operations going unnoticed in online gaming environments.Check out the news story explaining Project Reynard in the video below.

These companies are really good at playing and scrapping these rules, in Chinese we call it “edge ball”.The hype around the sector has led Goldman Sachs to claim that the industry will be worth billion (€70.7 billion) by 2025.James Dearsley, the founder of UK-based consultancy firm the Digital Marketing Bureau, has been looking at the ways VR and AR could revolutionise the different sectors for many years.Movies like Walt Disney's "Tron," New Line Cinema's "The Lawnmower Man" and Warner Bros.

"The Matrix" introduced audiences to simulated, computerized worlds, completely unlike the one we live in.

…and somewhere in those millions are terrorists looking to plot the next big attack against Western civilization.