Updating dataset to database c

04-Feb-2018 20:13

This should leave the additional Table Adapter queries (the additional methods) that were added after initial configuration.

When saving data in related tables, Visual Studio provides a Table Adapter Manager component that assists in performing saves in the proper order based on the foreign-key constraints defined in the database.

you can even use Stored Procedure or any thing you want but store result into Sql Data Adapter.I am trying to get this to work in a simple example.First I look up a User and get their data displayed in a form in my Website, this works fine, then I try to change the data displayed in the form and hope that the Data Set gets changed, then I call the method Update DB() in my Web Service. Update(my Data Set, table Name); You can also refer this link for more details: Fill(ds, "Employee"); // Create a data table object and add a new row Data Table Employee Table = ds. New Row(); row["First Name"] = "R"; row["Last Name"] = "D"; row["ID"] = "10"; Employee Table.

Open(); Sql Data Adapter adapter = new Sql Data Adapter("SELECT * FROM Employee ORDER BY ID", conn); Sql Command Builder builder = new Sql Command Builder(adapter); // Create a dataset object Data Set ds = new Data Set("Employee Set"); adapter. The order of command execution will also follow the indices of the .