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25-Jul-2017 14:01

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If there’s one thing I know about depression, though, it’s that it’s devoid of logic, and you can feel your lowest and your highest all at once.) My dating history is checkered, to say the least.It's mostly a trail of intense but short-lived relationships, with a few regrettable one-night stands sprinkled here and there.Aside from her riveting work on Mental health — especially in the black community — is not something we speak up about.A lot of black people are like, “Nah, we don’t need therapy, we go to church”…which is still equally important, but at the same time, there are actual people who have degrees in deciphering what exactly your issues might be, and helping you to get to a place of closure or growth…I think highlighting that shows that, hey, therapy is not a bad thing. We highlighted how there are so many ways to feel about it — like when Molly says [a therapist is] a fake friend you have to pay for. But then she sees her friend Crystal [who has started seeing a therapist] who currently feels lighter, and happier, and different — and she decided well, is there more to it?During my life, in times in which my mental health has been better, I have somehow managed to have two “proper” relationships thus far, both of which it can be argued ended either because my mental health problems were actively getting worse or because they simply became too overwhelming for my partner (which was totally understandable in both situations.) I guess in a way it is good that the main reason for both of my relationships collapsing is centred around an illness because at least an illness can be cured and could potentially disappear one day.Had the problem been a weird habit of belting out ABBA’s greatest hits in my sleep, that would perhaps be more frustrating, as to my knowledge there is no cure for that kind of thing.Please if you want to get a better response from other members upload a photo as it’s proven to get more responses.Since 2010 we have been noticed worldwide in such countries as Europe, Asia and the United States.

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