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04-Oct-2017 19:25

Mularkey said the Titans don't have any immediate plans to add another quarterback to the roster. But it gives some opportunities for these younger guys." Tanney, who has bounced around several training camps and practice squads over the course of his career, has been with the Titans for the past two camps and even got into one game at the end of the 2015 season.

Tennessee already has adjusted its off-season schedule to accommodate Mariota, by incorporating more 7-on-7 work, which Mariota has been cleared to participate in. He's doing everything he can to be around the team," Mariota said. It gives Tyler an opportunity to show what he can do. "Every rep counts and you have to take advantage of it," Tanney said.

It’s a change made simply for the sake of change, one based on the premise that the grass is always greener and proving that the backup (to the backup, in this case) is the most popular man in an NFL town.

There’s nothing egregiously offensive about the move; Weeden’s record alone proves that. But you know nothing gets done in Dallas without the wink and the nod from Jerry.) Maybe Cassel will win two of the next four. He didn’t exactly get a fair shake, holding on to beat the Eagles when he replaced an injured Romo in Week 2, losing a tough one to the undefeated Falcons in his first start and dropping an even tougher game to the Saints in overtime one week later.

Matthew Brennan Cassel (born May 17, 1982) is an American football quarterback for the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League (NFL).

" By the second half, when it was apparent Brady wasn't returning, I zipped through the last six stages of grief and knew he was done for the season.

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