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My Beyoncé The number one reason to ever accept anyone’s marriage proposal is so that you can refer to that person as your Beyoncé. My intended A charmingly old-timey, charmingly ambiguous choice. My plus-one He’ll stay by your side throughout the cash-bar wedding that is life. My euphemism As pioneered by the movie “This is my euphemism, Stefan.” 21. My gal pal / my boy toy Slightly demeaning, sure, but who cares?

My arm candy I get it, but then again, I don’t get it.

To win, players must eventually go back on such agreements.

It’s a tale as old as Tinder: two people match, these people decide to meet up.

One thing leads to another, they fall into bed, lives get busy and they decided to go on as f*ck buddies. Sometimes you will meet someone new, who comes out of nowhere to grab you by the feelings and reel you in.

Eventually they realise they love each other and they want more than just the physical connection and they all live happily ever after. Before you know it, things are getting serious and that’s when a message from your f*ck buddy pops up, “Hey, what night are you free this week? Firstly, you have two options: Ah, the age-old trick.

The English language is a strange, beautiful thing — why limit yourself to “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” when talking to a third party about your, well, boyfriend or girlfriend? My SO If the only thing you love more than your SO is abbrevs. Makes it easy to transition into running a law firm together, though. The missus / the mister Best used to refer to someone who isn’t technically your wife or your husband, because irony.

My special someone Also how your grandmother might address you in a greeting card. My gentleman caller How very be confused with one’s special lady, at least according to the Dude. My soulmate The verbal equivalent of staring longingly into each other’s eyes for upwards of one minute in public. My lover The verbal equivalent of loudly making out for upwards of one minute in public. My main squeeze Physically squeezing your main squeeze is not necessarily recommended.

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As Aristotle well knew, it takes awhile to get close to a new friend, even if the two of you hit it off like crazy the first time you meet. The bae Too lazy to pronounce the extra letter in “babe?

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